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Front view Pedestrian warning DMS
Recording camera
In cabin security camera Park assist Rear view camera
Lane change assist
Lane departure warning
Lane change assist
Lane departure warning
Mirrow replacement
Blind spot detection
Mirrow replacement
Blind spot detection
360° surround view 360° surround view


Driver status monitoring

Made possible by the SmartSens SC133GS sensor
Line-of-sight monitoring
Enabling drowsy driving detection and early warning systems
Head tracking system
Head tracking system detects head movements during vehicle operation including mask wearing detection and alert
Intelligent transportation system applications
powered by the SmartSens SC410GS sensor
License Plate Recognition
Global Shutter technology effectively captures vehicle
license plate information in high-speed motion
Pedestrian monitoring
Providing real-time pedestrian monitoring
detection, and early warning
Technology highlights
PixGain HDR® technology
QCell technology
LED Flicker Suppression technology
Superior low-light imaging and data
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