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Intelligent imaging technology connects the virtual world to reality

The continuing development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) not only makes our lives more intelligent but also unlocks the Metaverse. The CMOS image sensor empowers AI applications with cutting-edge imaging technology, serving as a powerful bond between the real world and the Metaverse, thereby shaping a digital future of virtual-real fusion.

Drones leverage binocular vision sensors to achieve effective obstacle avoidance

Exploring the Metaverse

Connect the virtual world to reality using the power of imaging
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Mixed Reality


·Learning assistant robot


Give robots the ability to perceive the world
Learning assistant robot
Smart service robot
Medical caregiving robot

Internet of Everything

Build an intelligent urban perception network based on the CMOS image sensors. Create a smart city that integrates various applications including smart transportation, smart ports, smart logistics, etc.
Technology Spotlight
BSI + Global Shutter technology
3D structured light technology
Ultra-high dynamic range
RGBIR technology
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